About the Press

Current Location Letterpress & Curiosities is a print studio focused on hand set metal and wood type. Current Location started a move from fine art printmaking to letterpress printed stationery and prints coincided with a move from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Bangkok, Thailand in early 2013. Due to space and limited access to materials, Raychel focused her work on hand carved linoleum block prints using her Poco No. 0 proof press (shown below). When the time came to move again, Raychel took advantage of the opportunity to branch out into hand set metal type. While hand carving still shows up in the work, building images from ornamental type is our bread and butter.

About the Maker

Trained as a fine art printmaker, papermaker, and book artist at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Raychel Steinbach proudly wears the badge of letterpress nerd & is a lover of well-built tools. Current Location is a print shop on the move; Raychel pulls design influence from her time living throughout the Midwest as well as Hong Kong, PRC; Bangkok, Thailand; and Ballyvaughan, Ireland. She firmly believes that printmaking is still the most democratic of art form & that mailing beautiful hand-printed greeting card helps strengthen interpersonal connections.